Yoga Teacher Training Complete

It’s official! I am a registered yoga teacher! I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training and I am registered through Yoga Alliance. I did it. I hope to be able to find a job teaching soon or perhaps subbing. It is perfect timing with the summer here and my work schedule becoming more flexible.

We were the inaugural yoga teaching trainers at The Yoga Unit and we had a very wonderful graduation ceremony.




What a wonderful journey this has been. Not only did I deepen my practice, I developed these wonderful relationships. My yogi sisters will be lifelong friends. I am most fortunate to have shared my journey with these beautiful women. Their support really got me through this. Most importantly, I could not have done this without my family’s support, especially my dear husband. A lot of time was spent away from them and they were understanding and loving through it all. I am truly blessed.


Class of 2014 Commencement

My seniors are the best and I will miss them so much. I am so proud of them all. It is never goodbye as I hope they will come back home to CMC to visit.







Stitch Fix is here!

So I got my first stitch fix. I was very excited when I saw the box.


I couldn’t wait to see what I got.


Some cute looking items. Out of the box the choices looked really promising. So I went on to try things on to see how it all fit.

First, I tried this cute cobalt pencil skirt with a white blouse.


While I loved the look, the skirt was a tad long. I could have lived with it but the skirt was the most expensive item in my fix and I wasn’t about to spend a ton of money in something that just fit me okay. I really liked the blouse as well, but it was right around the biceps and the selves were a bit long in length. I am petite so I have these short girl problems.

Next, I tried this yellow striped shirt.


It was a possible keeper. Next I tried the pink fit and flare dress with the white cardigan.


Cute dress. I liked the fun bright color but the length was a little longer than I like and not a fan of the neck line. It made me feel frumpy. I liked the cardigan. A white cardigan is a staple.

The verdict. I only kept the white cardigan. I liked a lot in my fix but fit was an issue. Fit is important for me especially as a petite person. If things don’t fit right it makes me look short and frumpy. I can be pretty picky in that respect. But proper fit is important.

I like the concept of stitch fix and would be willing to give it another try. I was sad not more fit me well, maybe next time.

If you would like to give it a try, click here for stitch fix.

Teacher Gifts

My baby girl had her last day of preschool. Next fall we will have a kindergartener. I can’t believe it.

Although she will still go to summer school, we put together some teacher gifts since some of the teachers would not be around over the summer. These are some plastic mason jar cups with Jamba Juice gift cards.



My seniors class of 2014

I’ve mentioned how I love my students. They are really pretty awesome. This year’s graduating class is pretty special because I will have watched many of them grow for the last 3-4 years. I am sad to see the leave but at the same time so proud to see all they have accomplished in their time in college. We have 10 days until graduation.

Last night I celebrated with all my students with an end of the year dinner. As we are wrapping up the semester it was a nice thing to get everyone together. I greatly appreciate all their hard work. They make my work meaningful and worthwhile and at the same time easier.


Many will return to me next fall and the seniors will move on to their new chapters. I have a few more days with them but with the last few days looming it is increasingly apparent how close we are to the end of the academic year.

A couple of my graduating seniors.



As part of my yoga teacher training I went on a field trip on Saturday to help promote the yoga studio, teach, and perform some yoga demonstrations with my fellow yogi sisters. It was a lot of fun and great to talk with others about the benefits of yoga and how they could get started.

Working with a woman on modifications to some poses to make it accessible for her level. Yoga is for everyone!


Demos with my yogi sisters.





Acro yoga fun

We practiced some Acro yoga and partner poses in yoga teacher training. It was so much fun to do this.

I was a base for several poses. All my Crossfit makes me a very strong base.



Tons of fun with these Acro yoga poses.



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